I was born in the middle of the 20th Century in the ancient Tho, now Mérida Yucatán. I lived in México City since I was eight years old where I studied elementary, middle and high school as well as studying at the Academy of Mexican Dance (Academia de la Danza Mexicana). Nine years after, I graduated as an interpreter and teacher of classic, regional and contemporary dance.

At age eleven, Alexandro Jodorowsky arrived in México and I was a part of the pantomime children’s group he formed and participated in “Efímeros” shows (that is how we called the precursors of the performance) that he directed.During that same year I met Frida Kahlo’s house and became addicted to the character. Thanks to her, I knew of the love for the indigenous children of México, about communism and surrealism.

During the mid 60’s I met Julio Castillo with whom I had the privilege to work on theatre for several years. It was in 1967 that my professional life begun, it was in the show H30 directed by Jodorowsky.

In 1968 as a student of the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria of the National Autonomous University of México (UNAM) I was part of the student led movement. It was during that time that I entered the motion films. The 70’s were years of repression and many social fighters, some of my friends were disappeared, died or incarcerated.

In 1972 I had my first son with the motion films photographer Alex Phillips. In 1977 I went to LA and studied acting with Lee Strasberg. I had my second child on 1982 with actor Pedro Armendáriz.

In 1985 along with my friends I founded the “Comité de Solidaridad con grupos étnicos marginados" (Committee of solidarity with marginalized ethnic groups) first Mexican organization for the defense of the Human Rights of the Indigenous peoples of México which started as a seminar regarding HUNGER in our country and then for the indigenous prisoners in our country as well as cultural activities in indigenous communities. During that year I started receiving life threats because of my activity in favor of human rights in México.

In 1990 we founded the Fund for the Health of Indigenous Children of México, A.C.

In 1994 I convinced Paul Leduc and we filmed Frida Naturaleza Viva.

In 1994 the FISANIM began working in Chiapas in a nutritional program in Zapatista communities. I was an organizer during the elections in zapatista territory during this year and later an electoral fraud was committed. I was elected to be electoral procurator; it was that year that I received several threats, some of which were life threats as well as prosecution and espionage. I was a part of the civil society of the Peace Dialogue in Chiapas and the creation of Los Acuerdos de San Andrés.

In 1998 I joined a group that created the amendments of the 4th article of the constitution to conceive México as a pluriethnical and pluricultural country.

The Chiapas government declared me as a persona non grata and tried to expel me from the state. I was defended by many people and remained working there, until today …

I have worked in thousands of capsules for television.

I have worked on many movies and I am very proud of having made “Frida, Naturaleza Viva”, when almost nobody knew about la Fridita.

I love radio. I’ve made more than 100 programs based on erotic literature.

I am very proud and happy to have accomplished the collective work of Begoña, Nazario, Josefo, Rosa, Angel, Federico, Paola, Claudia, Francesca, Cristian, Sylvaine, they are a part of my life and indispensable for the stage.

The people of the Fund and the people of Chiapas are very much loved and indispensable.

I have become a director little by little, a writer and a scriptwriter. I have authored many productions. I am passionate for poetry and I love being on stage with poems in my mouth and live music.

I have dedicated many years to Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, to Rosario Castellanos and to Frida Kahlo. I made them a show to each of them, it’s called “Voces Mexicanas”.

It’s been over fifteen years that I’ve been writing “Tortilla” a movie that I will be directing very soon. It will be something similar to Dogma films and it will also be Cine Pobre.

Since 2000 I have been dedicated to teaching my work. I really like teaching movie directors how to direct actors. I like going to EICyT in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba with my friend Edgard Soberón. We’ve been writing a method for reaching directors how to work with actors in the movie industry.

I am currently writing a spectacle with erotic poetry and music. I still don’t know what it’s going to be called but it will be something like “Homenaje a Nuestra Lengua” or something like that.

Every time I find more gusto for life...